Spring Texas home sellers – Are your homes secure?

Attention all Spring Texas home sellers: How secure are your homes? As a seller, you probably have reservations about letting buyers and their Realtors who you know NOTHING about view your home.

But buyers are NOT going to submit an offer till they actually view your home. So you have to provide them with easy access. And you can’t stay in the home during the showings because then the potential buyers don’t feel comfortable.

So what can you do to secure your home and its possessions while its on the market?


  • Secure the valuables – Remove temptation. Now is not the time to be displaying your priceless coin or baseball collections. Not only are they a temptation but they are also a distraction to potenial buyers.
  • Store the prescription drugs – I understand its much easier to leave your drugs on the counter to remind you to take them. But now your house is on the market and the pill bottles need to be stored. Do yourself a favor and remove the temptation.

Controlled Access:

  • Supra keybox DO NOT allow your Realtor to place a combo box on your home. They provide very little protection. The code can be given out and you have no tracking of when and who came into your home.
  • Insist that your Realtor places a Supra KeyBox on your Spring Texas home. The Supra KeyBox can only be opened by an individual who has a Supra DisplayKey and it logs all activity. Including the person’s name, phone number, and email along with the date and time the keybox was accessed. The Supra KeyBox costs about a $100, but if your Realtor does not believe that your house is worth it should she really be your Realtor.

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