A Christmas gift from my HOA

Your HOA's Christmas gift to you is a billMy Christmas gift from our HOA (Home Owners Association) has arrived. Each year around the first of December, my HOA sends me the same old thing. So by now all the anticipation and excitement is gone.

The gift from my HOA is the bill for our annual HOA fee. This year’s bill was the same as last year’s which was $488. Not bad considering the level of amenities and services provided to our Spring Texas subdivision.

I am not alone in receiving a gift/bill from my HOA at this time of year. As in Spring Texas, I would estimate 99% of our subdivisions have HOAs with the annual HOA fees running from $400 – $1,600.

During our search for Spring Texas homes, we took into consideration numerous things including the subdivisions annual HOA fee. We did not want to have to pay a large HOA fee. We wanted to live in a Spring Texas subdivision with extensive amenities. But we did not want to feel like we were paying for amenities we were not using.

In comparing my subdivision’s level of amenities and services (including security and twice weekly trash service) to other Spring Texas subdivisions, our HOA fee is extremely reasonable.

I just wish my HOA would change its billing cycles to July – June instead of January – December. Because I already have enough bills in December.

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One last thing about the annual HOA fee is to remember the expense is NOT included in your escrow accounts. If you escrow your Spring Texas real estate taxes and homeowners insurance, 1/12th of these estimated bills are included in your monthly mortgage payment along with the principal and interest. So don’t send the annual HOA bill to your mortgage company thinking it will be paid. Because it won’t.