Under Construction

Recently when my husband, Rick Ratchford and I were at Cheddars for dinner we ran into Chuck and Elizabeth Lalonde, past clients and avid readers of our Spring Texas real estate blog.  Chuck asked if I knew what was under construction at Spring Cypress and FM 2920 and I said yes a HEB grocery store is going in at that location.  Chuck then inquired as to why I had not written about it on our blog.  So Chuck this post is for you.heb-spring-cypress-fm-2920-spring-tx

Dirt’s a moving and dusts a flying between Spring Cypress and FM 2920 in Spring Texas as the ground is being readied for a HEB grocery store.  Currently the closest HEB to I45 and Louetta is about a 15 minute drive west down Louetta to the corner of Stuebner Airline and Louetta.

Fifteen minutes is not a long drive but I, like a lot of other people, love convenience.  This HEB will be located a mere 5 minutes from my Spring Texas home

I don’t have any details on the projected opening day of the HEB but I can tell you whenever opening day is I will be there.  I like going to a store’s or restaurant’s opening day.  I know I could wait for the crowds to die down before going but what fun is that.  Besides after watching the many months of construction my curiosity has been peeked and it needs to be satisfied. 

Oh by the way, the Cheddars I mentioned it was opening night when we went.  The Cheddars is located on the access road at the Northwest corner of I45 and Louetta.  I had the Texas cheese fries which I am sure must have  a gazillion calories. Even with the calorie count I would order them again because they were delicious!

If you have a topic you would like me to write a post about send me an email or leave your suggestion in the comments section of this post. Thanks for reading and the post suggestion, Chuck and Elizabeth.