Fireworks and New Year’s Eve

Parties, horns, Champagne toasts and fireworks are all things that are associated with ringing in the New Year.  In some parts of the country and in most cities fireworks are prohibited. In the city of Houston fireworks are prohibited but in unincorporated areas of Harris County such as Spring Texas fireworks are permitted.  But it is not a free for all as permission does come with a few restrictions such as where you can ignite your fireworks.

Fireworks in Spring TexasIf you are looking for a place to celebrate New Year’s Eve and enjoy a fireworks display, you should consider going to Sam Houston Race Park  for the evening.  They host a fireworks display that they state is “the largest in town” and they are probably right as there are few organized fireworks displays for New Year’s Eve.

If you want to stay home for New Year’s Eve and would prefer to watch a live fireworks display instead of one on your television set, just step outside your house and enjoy your neighbors fireworks display. Residents of Spring Texas LOVE shooting off  fireworks of all kinds.

The difficult part is trying to plan your evening around your neighbors fireworks display because there is no set time for the fireworks displays to begin.  They just start some time after dark and end some time in the wee hours of the morning.  The exact wee hour of the morning the fireworks end I don’t know exactly know.  As I usually fall asleep before some of my neighbors are done celebrating.

However you decide to say farewell to 2009 and hello to 2010, don’t drink and drive, be careful when setting off fireworks, and have a good time!     Okay, now I officially sound like your mother but I just had to say it.