Art for the everyman on display in Spring Texas

Have you seen the art on display by Felix Gonzalez-Torres?  If you frequently drive up and down Louetta in Spring Texas like I do, you have probably seen it.  You just didn’t know it.  Sound weird?  Probably so.  That’s because the art was designed to become part of the landscape.Billboard Spring Texas Felix Gonzalez-Torres

For the next year, 13 images created by Felix Gonzalez-Torres will be displayed on billboards in San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, and Houston. The display is being presented by Artspace, a San Antonio arts organization, to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

In Houston, the 13 images will be rotated on six billboard locations and we are lucky enough to have one of those locations in Spring.  The Felix Gonzalez-Torres art can be found on the Clear Channel billboard located on the south side of Louetta between Theiss Mail Rt and Champion Forest.

The first and current billboard in the series is of a solitary bird flying though a gray sky.