Is your home’s MLS listing costing you buyers?

If you have your house on the Spring Texas real estate market, you need to check the accuracy of the information contained in your listing.  Since none of us are perfect including Realtors, mistakes are made and will continue to be made.  Every day I run across listings in our MLS with errors or incomplete data.  If you are a seller, the errors or incomplete data could be costing you potential buyers and be a reason your house hasn’t sold. 

This listing is one of several examples of listings in our MLS with errors.  The listing states the home for sale is located in the Spring school district.  WRONG!!  Homes in the Windrose subdivision are located in the Klein school district . 

Spring Texas MLS

If your listing contains errors or incomplete data, your listing is not showing up in the searches being made by the right buyers for your house.  If buyers are searching for homes in the Klein school district and your home’s listing says its in the Spring school district, your home is not going to be found by the right buyers. 

Other common errors or incomplete data in MLS listings are:

  • 2 story homes listed as 1 story homes
  • no square footage of home or lot size – buyers frequently search for minimum square footage of home and lot sizes
  • wrong MLS area
  • elementary, middle, and high schools are not identified
  • wrong subdivision – there are numerous subdivisions with similar names such as Cypresswood, Cypresswood Lake, Cypresswood Glen, Cypresswood Glen Estates, and Cypresswood Green

Carefully review all of the information contained in the listing of your Spring Texas home because nobody knows your house better than you.

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