Spring Texas on Money Magazine’s most affordable places to live

Spring Texas homesListed at #5 on CNN’s Money Magazine’s list of most affordable places to live is our very own Spring Texas.  The fact that our little city of Spring Texas made it on Money Magazine’s list of Top 25 most affordable places to live came as no real surprise to me.  As I have known for some time that my dollar stretches a little further in Spring Texas.  Plus it’s on my own list of Top 20 reasons to live in Spring Texas.

Why did Spring Texas make the list of most affordable places to live?  It’s because of our low cost of housing.  Unlike other parts of the U.S. that have no more land for residential development, Spring Texas still has land available.  New residential developments have kept supply balanced with demand and housing prices low.  See for yourself how reasonable homes are by searching Spring Texas homes for sale.

But housing is just part of the equation in determining the affordability of a city.  To determine the true affordability, you need to crunch the numbers by using a cost of living calculator.  Go ahead and crunch away and when you are ready to move, give us a call. We will be happy to find you a great new place to call “home”.