Do you have to attend the closing?

Charter Title Vintage Park Houston TXIn Spring Texas the closing on a real estate transaction is held at a title company.  Since the closing is scheduled in advance, the majority of buyers and sellers are able to arrange their schedules and do attend the closing on their house.

Sometimes a buyer’s or seller’s schedule does not permit them to physcially attend the closing.  In these circumstances, the closing can still occur on the scheduled closing date by the title company doing an advance “mail-out” or through the use of a POA (Power of Attorney).

Mail-out closings are common when the sellers have already moved from Spring Texas and are now living in another state making it unpractical for them to travel back to attend the closing.  The title company will mail out the documents for the sellers signatures and the sellers will arrange to have the documents returned by the closing date.

POA’s are frequently utilized when there is more than one buyer or seller. The buyer or seller who is unable to attend the closing will give a POA to the other buyer or seller to sign the documents on his or her behalf.

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