Best place to view Christmas lights in Northwest Houston

Prestonwood Forest’s traditional “Nite of Lites” festival continues in 2011.  Link to updated dates, hours, and map of the award winning homes and blocks of the 2011 “Nite of Lites” festival.

Our pick for the best place to view Christmas Lights in Northwest Houston is the Prestonwood Forest subdivision. Known as the “Christmas Lights Neighborhood”, its continuation of a 35+ year tradition has become legendary.

Local newspapers and television stations, Southern Living , FOX News, and the Travel Channel have all written stories about or done programs on the Christmas lights adorning the homes in Prestonwood Forest. Just about every home in the Prestonwood Forest subdivision of 750 homes gets involved in the Nite of Lites event. With almost every block in the subdivision choosing a different holiday theme. One of the themes is based on “The Night Before Christmas” in which each home on the block displays a page of the story. This is truly a neighborhood event with neighbors helping each other install lights and decorations so that all who want to participate can participate.Map of Prestonwood Forest

The subdivision hands out awards for “Best House”, “Best Block”, “Runner-up Block”, “Best Mailbox”, “Best Door”, and “Best Lamp Post”. Judging will be performed on December 11th and the winners will be notified and announced to the public on December 12th.

The 2010 Nite of Lites begins on Saturday, December 11th and continues through January 1st. The homes lights are on Monday – Thursday 6 pm to 10 pm and Friday  – Sunday 6 pm to 11 pm. The Prestonwood Forest subdivision is located just South of Cypresswood about 2 miles East of HWY 249.

Estimations are around 15,000 people drive through Prestonwood Forest and view the Christmas decorations and lights display during the Nite of Lites event. Start your tour of the Nite of Lites at where the gingerbread house is located on the map.  If you need a closer view of the location of Prestonwood Forest, just click on the map.

The residents of Prestonwood Forest take their Nite of Lites event serious. So serious ….. that included in the sale of their homes are the Christmas decorations.