Are your pets stopping your house from selling?

neighbors-barking-dogsYour pets provide you with companionship. They are always thrilled to see you. They shower you with unconditional love and they are a special part of your family.  But your lovable pets could also be stopping your Spring Texas house from selling.

Buyers and sometimes even buyers who are pet lovers will be put off by evidence of pets when they view your home.  Buyers don’t want to see pet bowls, toys, beds, bones, and hair.  Buyers don’t want to smell litter boxes.  Buyers don’t want to see the scratches your pets made on the doors, floors, and windows.  Buyers don’t want to be concerned about your pet biting or scratching them. Nor do buyers want to hear pets whimpering or barking.

Make arrangements for your dog to be at a neighbor’s house or take him for a walk during showings.  Because putting your dogs in the backyard for showings won’t work. Buyers don’t want to view only your house.  Buyers want to view your house AND your backyard.

When you put your house on the Spring Texas real estate market, you need to do everything you possibly can to increase the pool of potential buyers for it. Don’t limit yourself to only buyers who are pet lovers.

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