Your Realtor’s out of town. What do you do?

A new house just came on the Spring Texas real estate market that you really want to view. The house looks perfect. It looks like it may be “the house” you have been searching for. The problem is your Spring Texas Realtor is out of town for the weekend?  What do you?

You could wait until your Realtor gets back into town to show it to you. But the house could be sold by then so you need to view it now!

You could call the listing agent and see if you can get her to show you the house. Since the listing agent wants to sell the house, she should be happy to show it to you. True, the listing agent does want to sell the house but what if you really like the house and want to put in an offer on it?  Who will write the offer for you?

You could call your Spring Texas Realtor and ask to have his working partner show you the house. A working partner is another Realtor who has agreed to handle the other Realtors business when they are out of town.

What should you do?  Call your Realtor and ask to have his working partner show you the house. Your Realtor’s working partner represents YOU.  He will be able to give you his opinion on the positives and negatives of the house’s floor plan, condition, location, and pricing. If the house turns out to be “the home” you’ve been searching for, he can write up and submit an offer for you. You don’t have to wait until your Realtor is back in town to see the house.

Asking the listing agent to show you the house when your Realtor is out of town is a bad idea. The listing agent represents the seller not you. When scheduling her day, the listing agent is going to meet the needs of her clients first and you are not her client.

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