Knock, Knock … It’s the tax man

Has this situation ever happened to you?  After hearing a knock on your front door, you get up to see who it is.  But instead of finding a girl scout selling cookies on your front porch, you find an appraiser from the Harris County Appraisal District.

After showing you his identification badge and introducing himself, the appraiser bombards you with questions about your Spring Texas house.

  • “How many rooms are there in your house?”
  • “How many bathrooms do you have?”
  • “Do you have a pool?”
  • “Can I go into your backyard? I want to measure the exterior of your home to determine its square footage.”

You feel like you have just been put on trial and you are wondering what your rights are.

Do you have to answer the appraiser’s questions?

No. You do not have to answer the appraiser’s questions. You do not have to allow the appraiser to access your home nor your backyard.

The purpose for the appraiser’s questions is so the Harris County Appraisal District can calculate the appraised value of your home.  Now, whether you help the appraiser calculate the appraised value of your home … that is up to you.

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