Plan for the end in the beginning

What do curtains, shelves, fireplace screens, television brackets, and garage hooks all have in common?  They are all items that at one point in time in my career as a Spring Texas Realtor I had to request / beg buyers to allow sellers to take with them.

In real estate all items are negotiable which includes curtains, shelves, fireplace screens, television brackets, and garage hooks. It’s the timing of the negotiations that dictates whether the negotiations will go smoothly or will be a challenge.

Negotiating items to be retained by the sellers goes smoothly before the house is in contract. Negotiating items after the house is in contract now that’s challenging.

Before you put your house on the Spring Texas real estate market, you need to plan for the end otherwise known as closing day. To do this slowly walk from room to room in your house and make a list of all items that would be considered permanently installed, built-in, or a related accessory that you want to retain possession of after closing day.

Provide your list to your Realtor so the items may be identified as exclusions in your listing. Better yet, remove all items you want excluded from the sale of your Spring Texas house before you even put it on the market.

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