What you should do to prepare your house for sale

Are you getting ready to list your Spring Texas house for sale?  Before you list take the time to see, smell, and experience your house as a potential buyer.

getting your Spring Texas ready for the marketSee:  Look at your house through fresh eyes. Enter your house through the front door. Does the door need to be refinished? Does the door frame need a fresh coat of paint?

Look up, look down, look all around your house as this is exactly what buyers will do.  And when buyers do this what will they see.  Will buyers see cobwebs on the light fixtures, dust on the fan blades, and dust on the a/c return vent?  Will they see walls needing a fresh coat of paint and baseboards with a coating of dust.

Buyers are not understanding of your busy schedule. A schedule that’s filled with dentist appointments, band practice, and basketball games. Buyers buy clean and fresh.

Smell:  What do you smell as soon as you enter your house?  Do you smell last night’s dinner?  Do you smell a litter box that is overdue for a clean out?  Do you smell the stench of stale smoke?  Do you smell burning meditation oils?  Unless it’s the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies buyers are turned off by odors.

Experience: Does your house feel as warm and inviting as a model home? Or are buyers going to feel like they are invading your personal space?  Do you a wall filled with personal photos and college diplomas? Buyers fall in LOVE with model homes because the furniture is right sized for the space, the area is free of clutter, and the rooms have been staged. Model homes feel as if someone lives there but no one in particular. Buyers are able to envision themselves living in the space.

Looking for specific list of what to do to prepare your house for sale?  Here’s our list of the TOP 30 things to do before listing your Spring Texas house

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