Trick or Treating in Spring Texas

What day and what are the hours for trick or treating in Spring Texas?  Spring does not have any “official” hours for trick or treating.

So when do the kids go trick or treating?Spring TX Trick or Treating

Trick or treating occurs on Halloween (October 31st).  The hours are loosely between 6 pm and 9 pm.  If you want to participate you turn your porch light on.  If the house is dark, the residents aren’t joining in on the fun. Check out the Nextdoor Neighbor Treat Map for the households that are participating in trick or treating in your neighborhood. Although it’s not an inclusive map, it does identify households not to miss.

Trick or treat  …. smell my feet …. give me something good to eat.  If you stop by our house on Halloween, we will give you something good to eat and it won’t be any of that wimpy “fun size” candy.  The neighborhood kids refer to us as the FULL SIZE candy bar house.

Text me or send me an email and I’ll send you my address a.k.a. the FULL SIZE candy bar house.