How long did the buyer view my house?

Having to leave for a 2 hour showing window especially when you have kids and pets that have to be removed is a pain.  It would be really convenient if you could some how be informed when the Realtor and buyers have finished viewing your house.

homes spring texasNew technology enhancements have made your wish a reality.

If your Realtor uses a SUPRA box which most Spring Texas Realtors do, you now have to ability to receive an end of showing notification. The end of showing notification identifies the name, phone number, and email of the Realtor that accessed the box, the time the box was accessed, and the time the showing ended.

The majority of Spring Texas Realtors aren’t aware that this technology exists so you may need to request your Realtor to do some research.

End of showing notifications are not available on combo boxes.  If your Realtor uses a combo box, you should consider hiring a different Spring Texas Realtor. The code for a combo box can be given out to anyone. Combo boxes do not provide any protection to you and your property.

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