Fall in Spring Texas

Fall in Spring Texas sounds a little weird doesn’t it?  But what should I expect when my city is named after a season. 

Pumpkins at Plants for All Seasons 5165 Louetta Spring TX 77379

Photo: taken at Plants for All Seasons

I grew up in the Midwest and Fall was one of my favorite seasons. I use to marvel in the beauty of the leaves as they changed colors, I enjoyed walking in the woods and listening to the rustling of the leaves, and the distinct smell in the air of burning leaves. These were the sights, sounds, and smells that told me Summer was over and Fall was here. 

In Spring Texas, there are signs everywhere that tell me its Fall. My calendar says its October, stores are having sales on their Fall clothing lines, the local nursery is stocked with pumpkins, the newspaper is loaded with advertisements for Fall Festivals and the real estate market is slowing down.

But it doesn’t feel like Fall to me. Our temperatures are still in the mid 80s with the night lows being in the 60s. I am still wearing clothes from my summer wardrobe and I have not reached for a sweater nor a jacket yet. And my yard still requires mowing which it usually does until November. No matter what the signs say around me it is not Fall to me because it just doesn’t fell like Fall.

I have lived in Texas for 14 years now and although I do still miss the Falls in the Midwest I will not be moving back any time soon. Because I know that after Fall comes Winter and Winter in the Midwest means bitter cold, snow, ice, and bone chilling winds.  While Winter is Spring Texas means NO snow, rarely ice, lots of sunshine, and average high temperatures in the mid 60s with lows in the mid 40s.

I LOVE Winter in Spring Texas. Even Winter in Spring sounds weird.

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