FREE FOOD at Chipotle

chipotle-mexican-grillThe new Chipotle restaurant at 10905 Louetta on the North side of HEB Vintage Market is getting ready for its grand opening on June 19th, 2009.

As a business promotion and to introduce itself to the community Chipotle is going to give away FREE FOOD on June 17th.  The particulars on the FREE FOOD are an entree, chips, and a drink for everyone that stops by on June 17th from 11 am to 7 pm.

Chipotle’s FREE FOOD promotion sounds like a great way to introduce its products to the people.  But wait didn’t another company have a similar promotion recently that back fired?

Yes. That’s right. Just last month to introduce its new grilled chicken KFC ran a FREE FOOD promotion on the Oprah Winfrey show.  The only problem was the demand was much greater than KFC had anticipated and they stopped accepting the coupon for the FREE FOOD. The promotion turned into a PR nightmare for KFC.

On two separate occasions, Rick and I went to a local KFC restaurant in Spring Texas to redeem our coupon for FREE FOOD and on both occasions we left hungry.  On the first visit we were told the wait was over one hour so we left.  On our second visit we were told due to overwhelming demand KFC was no longer accepting the coupon.  Again we left without any FREE FOOD and we have not been back since.

Our Spring Texas Real Estate blog is not nearly as popular as the Oprah Winfrey Show so I figure it is safe to spread the word about Chipotle’s FREE FOOD promotion.  But if due to overwhelming demand you don’t receive any free food, please still use our real estate services and don’t boycott us.

As for Rick and I, we are going to wait a couple of weeks before visiting Chipotle’s new restaurant and when we do visit we will just pay for our food.  So there will be no FREE FOOD for us this time.  Wait a minute, come to think of it we didn’t get any FREE FOOD at the last FREE FOOD promotion either.