Changing of Seasons

Today is the first day of fall and I am definitely ready for a change in seasons. The summer we just had in Spring Texas was grueling.  Full of heat, humidity, and very little rain.

It was in May of 2001 that I moved to Spring Texas.  I had arrived just in time for the start of summer. The best way to describe the humidity was it was horrible.  I had one bad hair day after the next and swear I discovered sweat glands I did not even know existed. Born a Midwestern, I could not understand why anybody in there right mind would want to live in a place where the humidity was so horrible.

Then the seasons changed and we enjoyed some fabulous fall days with lower humidity levels and pleasant evening temperatures.  Winter arrived and there was no ice to scrape and no snow to shovel.  Spring came and with it stunning displays from Azaleas bushes and wildflowers filled the medians.

Then I finally “got it” summer is the season you have to put up with in order to enjoy the other three seasons of the year.  It was the same thing in the Midwest where I grew up except reversed.  We put up with the long, dreary, cold winters to enjoy the summer.

What’s your favorite time of year to live in Spring Texas?  You have probably guessed mine is not summer.  It is spring.

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