Winter is bragging season

Every area of the country has at least one time of the year when their weather is superior to other parts of the country.   I refer to this as “bragging season”.  It’s the time of the year when you call your friends and family to brag about how beautiful the weather is where you live in comparison to where they live. January weather in Spring Texas

In Spring Texas winter is our bragging season and my family who live in Illinois certainly know this to be true.  A typical Illinois winter is windy with finger numbing low temperatures in the teens and twenties and several snowfalls.  A typical Spring Texas winter is very pleasant with daily high temperatures in the sixties and a mixture of sunshine and rain. 

During the winter my telephone conversation with my sister will start off innocent enough with “How are you doing?  How are the kids?”  She will reply “Great.  Kids are doing fine. They called off school today because of the frigid temperatures and the 5 inches of snow we received last night.”   

This is when bragging season officially begins.  The conversation continues with me saying “It’s really cold here today too.  So cold I had to wear a coat today.”  During the winter months my family and I have will have numerous conversations about the weather.  All of the conversations will be pretty much the same with them suffering through another cold winter and me bragging about our mild temperatures.

My family is always very happy for winter to end and spring to arrive.  But I don’t know if it is because they are tired of the snow and cold temperatures or they are tired of hearing me brag about the weather in Spring Texas.  Winters in Spring Texas are one of the top 20 reasons why I live in Spring Texas.

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