Road construction

spring texas road constructionHave you ever driven by a massive hill of dirt and wondered what’s going on? Or have you been wondering if someone besides you believes that Kuykendahl north of FM 2920 needs to be expanded?

A good place to find the answers to your Spring Texas construction questions is at the Harris County Precinct 4 website.  Click on the Roads & Bridges tab.  In this section of the web site, you will find maps detailing the capital projects completed, current projects under construction, current projects under design, and proposed projects.

Under the Capital Improvements section of the website is a link to a complete listing of Capital Improvement Projects.  The listing of Capital Improvement Projects identifies the project, describes the scope of the project, its stage of development, projected completion date, and the date the information was last updated.

The Harris County Precinct 4 website is an excellent resource to use to stay informed of road construction projects in the Spring Texas area.

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