There are certain times of the year that you don’t need a calendar to tell you the date. You just look around and immediately you know what time of year it is.Fireworks stands Spring Texas

The other day when I was driving from my house in Spring Texas down Louetta to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene office, I saw the signs and without a calendar I knew the Fourth of July will soon be here.  What were the signs?  They were big and red and rectangular and located along Louetta on just about every corner from I-45 to Hwy 249.  They were fireworks stands.

The red fireworks stands show up twice a year.  As Texas State law permits the sale of consumer fireworks for 24 days each year from June 24 through July 1st and December 20th through January 1st.

Spring Texas is located in unincorporated Harris County and fireworks are LEGAL in unincorporated areas of Harris County.  There are some restrictions on where the fireworks can be set off such as they can’t be ignited within 600 feet of churches, schools, hospitals, asylums, or licensed child care centers.

If you are moving to Spring Texas, one thing you should know is Texans love fireworks and I do mean love fireworks.  So expect to hear a lot of noise and some great local fireworks displays around the Fourth of July holiday. If you don’t like fireworks, then maybe you will at least appreciate the $30 million in extra tax revenues that is generated each year from fireworks sales in Harris County.

Enjoy your Fourth of July and if you decide to have your own fireworks display please be careful.