Is your house a home or a product?

If you don’t have your house on the Spring Texas real estate market, then your house is and should be a home.  A home is more than where the heart is.

Home is where … wall of personal photos

  • the walls are painted your favorite colors. And you like dark greens and bright pinks.
  • your dish collection, all 189 pieces, are displayed
  • the closets are crammed full because you haven’t had the time to organize a goodwill donation
  • your kids photos from kindergarten to high school to college to wedding adorn the walls
  • magazines dating back to 2005 are stacked by your chair. Waiting for you to flip through them one more time before throwing them out
  • your dining room has been converted to a pool hall

A home is where you can do what you want and live how you choose. But there comes a time when the rules of the game change and a house is no longer a home.  That time is when you put your house on the Spring Texas real estate market.  At that time, your house is NO longer your home.  It is a product.  A product you want to sell.

Homes reflect the personal taste and lifestyle of its owners. Buyers do not buy homes.  Buyers buy houses.  Houses are places where buyers can envision themselves living.

Is your house a home or a product?  If it’s on the Spring Texas real estate market it needs to be a product.

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