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Who decides the closing date?

Who decides the closing date?  Do the buyers?  Do the sellers? Do the real estate agents? Does the loan officer? In a residential real estate transaction there are many terms that will need to be negotiated between you and the sellers and the closing date is one of them.   As a buyer, you are probably ready to move-in to your new Spring Texas house tomorrow.  As the sellers can't seem to get their stuff, out of what you are already calling your house, soon enough.  As a seller, moving...Continue Reading!

Top 10 worst real estate advertising phrases

Not all real estate advertising phrases do what they are intended to do which is to attract buyers. Realtors have been using some advertising phrases way beyond their expiration date and just need to throw them out.  Here's my list of the advertising phrases I would like to never see again on another real estate listing.  Top 10 list of the worst real estate advertising phrases found in the Spring Texas MLS 10.  Opportunity of a lifetime 9.   Must see to appreciate 8.  Motivated Sellers, bring all offers 7.  You can't go...Continue Reading!

It starts at the curb

When was the last time you drove slowly by your house and took a really good look at it from the curb?  I would probably guess its been a while.  The last time may even have been when you were considering buying it.  Before you put your house on the Spring Texas real estate market you should go and stand at the curb and take a good long look at your house.  What message will your house be sending to potential buyers?  Does your house say "Welcome!  My owners love...Continue Reading!

Where are the buyers?

You have probably heard of the saying "Fish where the fish are".  It means that the best way to catch a fish is to fish where the fish are.  Sounds logical.  The same principle applies to Spring Texas real estate .  If you want to sell your home you need to have your home's listing where the buyers are. Where are all the buyers?  They are on the Internet. In 2003, 71% of home buyers used the Internet to search for homes.  Now fast forward...Continue Reading!

8 ways for homeowners to save money

Did the holidays drain your bank account?  If so, here are some tips to help you save money on the costs of homeownership this year. 1.  Claim all your real estate tax exemptions - one of the easiest ways to reduce the taxes on your Spring Texas home is to claim the homestead exemption offered by the state. Go to the Harris County or Montgomery County appraisal district websites to see what exemptions are currently being applied to your account and to determine if you are eligible for...Continue Reading!

New Year … New sellers disclosure

A  new year brings lots of things. New resolutions, new opportunities, new laws, and this year a new seller's disclosure from the Texas Association of Realtors. Well .... maybe not quite new but changed. Effective on the first day of 2010, changes to TAR-1406 (the Seller's Disclosure Notice) will be made to .... Section 5 - Are you (Seller) aware of any of the following:  Any lawsuits or other legal proceedings directly or indirectly affecting the Property -   Additional clarifying language will be added...Continue Reading!

A new business model

Its almost the end of December and I am doing what I usually do this time of year.  I am finishing up on my business plan for the coming year.  I start by reviewing my expenses, analyzing the source of my business, and the calculating the ROI. I also analysis ROT (Return on Time) since I do a lot of Social Media Marketing .   After analyzing where I have been, I spend time thinking about where I want to go.  This year I have been thinking about how I can implement a model similar to...Continue Reading!

The Devil is in the Details

Have you ever heard the saying "the Devil is in the Details"?  If not, loosely translated it means the difficult part is in all the small details.  I don't know who originated the phrase but it could have been by a Spring Texas Realtor right after she figured out there are 12 time specific tasks in our real estate contract and its addendums that need to be managed. If the tasks are not managed and they do not get completed within the time...Continue Reading!

Year end tax planning

Although the end of 2009 is fast approaching there is still time for you to do some year end tax planning and save yourself some money.  With all the press the homebuyers tax credit has received over the last year you may not have heard of the tax credits available for the installation of energy efficient products. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act provides tax credits of 30% of the cost up to $1,500 for windows and doors, insulation, roofs, HVAC, water...Continue Reading!

How to increase your list price and attract more buyers

Spring Texas home sellers I am going to let you in on a little secret of how to increase your list price and attract more buyers.  I know it sounds a little crazy but give me a chance to explain.  Pretend you are a buyer and go to any real estate website (,, or and search houses for sale in Spring Texas. Now further define your home serach by defining pricing parameters. Did you notice the options you were given for selecting the minimum and...Continue Reading!