Who has the best cheese fries in Spring Texas?

Cheese fries have to be the best pig out and comfort food of all time. They probably have a gazillion calories and a high percentage of fat content but they are so good that I don’t know how anybody could resist them.  At least not all the time.

If you are going to eat cheese fries you want them to be really good otherwise they are just wasted calories.  A good example of wasted calories is Sonic’s cheese fries. Their cheese fries are limp fries with a small amount of cheese sauce on top.  After you have eaten the first layer all the cheese is gone and all that remains are fries.  Even the fries with the cheese are not that good.

Cheddars Spring TexasSo who has the best cheese fries in Spring Texas?  Cheddars.  Before Cheddars opened its doors for business at 21001 Interstate 45 in Spring Texas in spring of 2009, Outback Steakhouse had the best cheese fries.  But that was in the past and now the best cheese fries are at Cheddars.

What makes Cheddar’s cheese fries so great?  For starters, you get a lot of cheese fries for a very reasonable price of $5.99.  But price isn’t everything.  If they don’t taste great, it doesn’t matter how reasonable the price is.

The fries part of the cheese fries are crispy and thin but not too thin like Steak n Shake’s fries.  Next they are covered with two types of melted cheese.  Not cheese sauce but melted cheese. Plus there is enough cheese to have cheese with the first layer of fries and the bottom layer of fries.  Then they are topped with crispy bacon and served with ranch dressing.

Crispy fries with enough melted cheese to cover all of the fries with crispy bacon and ranch dressing makes Cheddars the place for the best cheese fries in Spring Texas.

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