Best Yogurt

Last year finding a yogurt shop in Spring Texas was near impossible.  There were a couple of TCBY yogurt shops but they didn’t make it through the summer. The popular way to cool off was by eating ice cream at Brusters or crunching on a sno-cone at a roadside stand.

If 2010 was the year of ice cream, then 2011 has to be the year of yogurt.  As several new yogurt shops have opened up along Louetta including Menchies at 10880 Louetta Road, Orange Leaf at 8220 Louetta Road, and Yogurt Worx at 7316 Louetta Road. All of these yogurt shops are self serve, offer 14 to 16 rotating flavors, and prices are 42¢ or 43¢ per ounce. But the yogurt doesn’t all taste the same.

So which yogurt shop in Spring Texas has the best yogurt?  It has to be Yogurt Worx.  Their yogurt has a fabulously creamy taste which has you wondering if you are eating soft serve ice cream instead of non-fat yogurt.

Yogurt Worx’s best flavor without a doubt has to be the Root Beer Float.  The taste immediately reminded me of the root beer floats I had as a kid at the A&W restaurant. The car hop would bring them to our car in those frosty mugs and they were soooo good.

Now, if they could just make yogurt non-fat and non-calories, I would have it made.

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