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July 2, 2009

10 tips for Spring Texas home sellers

Thanks to Lani Rosales from Agent Genius for this entertaining video on the 10 biggest mistakes for Spring Texas home sellers to avoid. These are great tips but I do not entirely agree on the tip on pricing.  While pricing your home at $199,900 is more attractive than pricing your home at $205,000, the $199,900 […]
June 23, 2009

When should you show your home?

The movie, “The Godfather” proves itself once again as having the answer to yet another real estate question. This time the question is when should Spring Texas home sellers accept showings on their homes? The answer:  “Maunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Saturday”.  Any day of the week, any time of the day is a good time for […]
June 10, 2009

Letters of the Real Estate alphabet – P and PS

In the real estate alphabet the letter P is for Pending and the letters PS is for Pending Continue to Show.   There are more commonalities than differences between the P and PS statuses that I decided to discuss them together. Spring Texas real estate listings in a P or PS status are: Under Contract – the sellers and buyers have agreed to […]
May 30, 2009

What Spring Texas home sellers can learn from “The Godfather”

Over the years I have seen my fair share of Spring Texas real estate transactions fall apart during negotiations. Some of the negotiations have broken down even before the house was in contract and others fell apart during the Option Period.  If only the home sellers had learned what the movie, “The Godfather” teaches us about business of “Its […]
May 18, 2009

How do you determine the right price for your house? by sizing up the competition

The other day I was meeting with potential home sellers and we were discussing the Spring Texas real estate market and what it takes to get homes sold. We looked at the MLS print-outs of the comparable homes and discussed how the homes could attract additional buyers with better quality and more photos, advertising descriptions, and staging.  […]
May 8, 2009

How do Real Estate Agents get paid?

Like most people, before I got into real estate I had absolutely NO clue how Real Estate Agents got paid.  I had only known one Real Estate Agent and she was the Real Estate Agent I used to help me buy my first home and whose services I used to sell my first home two years later. What […]
April 25, 2009
selling your home

Mistakes to avoid when selling your Spring Texas home

Spring selling season is upon and the real estate market is heating up.  The majority of the activity in the Spring Texas real estate market is occurring in the first time home buyers price ranges.  The first time home buyers are out and wanting to take advantage of the $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit […]
April 19, 2009

What stays with a Spring Texas home?

Right about the time my Spring Texas home buyers are admiring how beautifully the stainless steel refrigerator matches the other the stainless steel kitchen appliances is when they will will turn to me and ask “Does the refrigerator stay with the house?”  Usually, my answer is “I am sorry but the refrigerator does not stay with the house […]
March 22, 2009

Sellers Leaseback – Should you get one?

What is a sellers leaseback?  A sellers leaseback is a temporary residential lease between the sellers and buyers whereby the sellers lease back the home they sold from the buyers for a short period of time. Why would a Spring Texas home seller want a sellers leaseback? – If you need the funds from the sale of your […]